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The best football players in the London were honoured this afternoon during the annual awards ceremony.

The best player in the city this year was Jesse McNair or McNasty as he’s come to be known, and it’s a moniker that he’s accepted.

Jesse’s Ball
1-2 McPunch
Hotlist Showdown
Battle of Undefeateds
Feet to the Flames
City Championship
Wossa Championship
Winner Goes Bowlin
Western Bowl Semi-final


The Herman Green Griffins were just one win away from the OFSAA Western Bowl and a chance to play indoors in Toronto for the second time in three years. The STA Flames were trying to get there for the first time. It was a cold, wet and windy day at City Wide Field for the game between the Wossa and Swossa Champions.

Interviews: Austin Lumley, Jaydon Gauthier, Peter Legge, Jesse McNair

One team has had several chances to reach the Western Bowl; the other has come close for five straight years but fallen short, until this year. Brent Lale previews the Western Bowl play-in battle between STA and Herman.

In this story: Harry Lumley, Peter Legge, Tyler Storie, Austin Lumley, Jesse McNair, Jacob Scarfone


Herman wins Swossa
STA wins Wossa
Herman wins Windsor City Title
STA wins London City Title

The London teams have often made public their disdain for the “Challenge Game”. But this season it had to be played after being sanctioned a Wossa Championship. St. Joe’s wanted just one more game, and they got it against London juggernaut St. Thomas Aquinas.

Interviews: Peter Legge, Jesse McNair, Jacob Scarfone

CTV Hotlist x
Swossa Championship
STA vs CCH City Final

The London City Championship featured #CTVHotlist #1 and #2. Both teams were undefeated, so something had to give.

Brent Lale has post game reaction from the field.

In this story: Peter Legge, Jesse McNair, Jacob Scarfone, JP Circelli

The CCH Cheerleaders pump up the crowd at the City Final.

We stayed away from STA and CCH training camps today giving them a bit of space. But what else can they say? We left the talking to a couple of football people who know the exploits of the Crusaders and Flames all too well. Brent Lale takes his own coaches poll.

In this story: Mike Stenning, Kevin Barnes

STA & CCH Monday Workouts

The grind to OFSAA has fewer teams involved, but the road remains a long one. For some teams still in the mix it’s a roll of the dice. With fewer players available, the task of winning becomes an even greater challenge. Is there a solution to help support hurting programs? Norman James reports.

In this story: Todd MacKay, Michael Hayes, Peter Legge, JP Circelli

2012 High School football coverage
CTV Hotlist

CTV News Home Page

CTV London

The Hot List

    • Nana & Poppa: Nicole's accomplishments leave us astounded. Extremely industrious, loyal to her principles, and humble in her approach to life,,,, she is already a
    • jumpingpolarbear: One of those old school guy that has paved the way for the newcomers!
    • Mike Lee: The inclusion of highlights from CFL, Bob Gooder Award and high school footage makes this an impressive piece of work. Well done Brent Lalle and CTV L

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