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Is This a Joke? Did you guys not get the right score from STA vs Banting? And for the Oaks your in the B division, no comment

your a joke ! Oakridge another shutout ! That would be seven this year ! Teams (A) division voted not to bring the Oaks to the A playoffs ! Wonder why !!!

Your playing in the B Division nothing to be proud of! And haha the teams had no affect on how the playoffs turned out.

Oakridge will see there true first game in the finals vs Saunders and wont be ready for it ! 21-14 Sabers

Your a joke!!!

Oaks are the Best!!! Got put in wrong comment Box!!!!

CCH running game can’t be beat, great qb Cam Geddes, and a defence not to be toyed with… CCH #1

oakridge is the best team in the city ! Three shutouts this year ! Beat STA last year , have 90% of the defence back !

hahah oak sucks buddy sta all the way

Last time Oakridge played STA 22-0 !!!! No one has scored on the Oaks in 6 games ! But your right they suck !!

There are some good teams in the Varsity Div…Central Elgin Titans!!!

Were dose east elgin egals satnd

Why is parkside in the hot list their sr football south east

What about cch

Jacob Misk is the Lucas powerhouse for next year he is on $$$ wait and see. Lucas are #1 for ever

Again, this is the ‘Hot List’, not the power rankings.

Lucas, STA… last years champs and finalist, and Parkside won the county. Legitimate.

Banting and Medway were ‘B’ champs and moved up, so apparently that makes them hot. They will cool off quickly. The Oaks will be hot as heck, as an ‘A’ calibre team playing in ‘B’.

Perhaps you would change your mind after watching the Lucas / Banting SR Pre Season scrimmage at TD Waterhouse today. The “A” Champs looked like the Chumps. The “B” Champs are just warming up!

Nah, the Vikes were gutted by graduation

congrats to the preds. way to go you are the best. go all the way for your coach . make him proud .and your town forest . they love you . and so do we the parents and oma

when was this done? no date an meaningless!

I don’t see why everyone hates on STA they’re still strong and fast and they have a new quarter back he fills in for brett just fine.

STA beat South and Beal… hardly powerhouse teams this year. But I guess this is just a ‘Hot List’, not the ‘Power Rankings’ that the LFP does.

Those teams are hot, Not necessarily the best….

STA also beat MTS, and CCH last year in the playoffs..
give your head a shake.. STA will be #1 all year long buddy

Wow, I’m not sure the “Hot List” could possibly have been further off the mark given the results from the Red Feather games…

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