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The Thames Valley District School Board has put extra-curricular activities on hold until the new year. So some teams were playing what could be their final game of the season.

Interviews: Lauren Heslop, Nicole Miners, Michael Provenzano

The best football players in the London were honoured this afternoon during the annual awards ceremony.

The best player in the city this year was Jesse McNair or McNasty as he’s come to be known, and it’s a moniker that he’s accepted.

Jesse’s Ball
1-2 McPunch
Hotlist Showdown
Battle of Undefeateds
Feet to the Flames
City Championship
Wossa Championship
Winner Goes Bowlin
Western Bowl Semi-final

The Oakridge Oaks wish they could have competed against the top teams in the city. But they were in the “B” Division this year, so their goal was to beat everyone they played and capture the title.

In this story: Paul Kozochuk, Connor Byrne, Ryan Choma, Paul Callahan, Mike Darling

The Oakridge Oaks began the TVRA ‘AAA’ Volleyball playoffs against the STA Flames the way they finished the regular season; in dominating fashion.

In this story: Cole Jordan, Jamie Neilson

A Real Rivalry

A decades long rivalry will be renewed Thursday in High School Volleyball, Marek Sutherland has a preview of the game.

In this story: Jamie Neilson, Rob Atkinson, Matt Hartley, Josh Marych, Andrew Richards

Oaks on Track
Sabres Secure top spot

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CTV London

The Hot List

Twitter – Norm James

Twitter – Brent Lale

Twitter – Marek Sutherland

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