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The Breakdown

It’s the Breakdown, the awards edition. Congrats to our year-end award winners, Mac Wilkinson, Nick Vanin, the Oakridge Oaks, Todd MacKay, Nate Behar and Jesse McNair. Watch to find out more.


5 Responses to "The Breakdown"


great call guyz. keep it safe and stick with the scores…

hmm… the flames really had a “write off” over clarke eh ?
or they had their nice relaxing equivalence of a bye week like you said ?
do you want a fork to eat your own words ?

You people don’t know what you’re talking about.

WOW ! The Stangs are lokin’ really good this year ! Going All the Way . I think. The hockey tournament @ the J.L.C. was really good ! Some really good talent, love to see it. They sure did play hard, Awesome time !

This fight was about one man saying his way was better and got proven wrong. I think that it will start a trend where boxers will try to get that 1# fight sport spot back now. After being beating quite easily by a man like Couture boxers will be looking for revenge. I don’t see a pure boxer beating mixed martial art fighter in their arena. A boxer would be foolish to even try. The skill set for mma is something boxers can over come but only with years of training. What did Toney train 9 months. Boxers you can’t put power in to your punches if your on your back, and you can’t fight if you can’t breath.

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