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Posted on: November 6, 2012

Norm and Brent discuss the week 8 #CTVHotlist and preview the “A” and “B” Division semifinals set for Thursday and Friday.


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Last year Lucas got a bye to the Western Bowl they did not have to play the treacherous path that is ahead of one of the final four teams this season. The Western Bowl is played between 3 different conferences SWOSSA (Windsor/Sarnia) WOSSA (London), and CWOSSA (Guelph/Brantford/). Every 2 years the Cwossa representative recieves a bye to the OFSAA final and every 4 years it is WOSSA and SWOSSA.
For example, last season Lucas played Sarnia northern (SWOSSA) in the western bowl. Sarnia had to beat Brantford (CWOSSA). The last few years byes have been as followed: 2011 WOSSA, 2010 CWOSSA, 2009 SWOSSA, 2008 CWOSSA, 2007 WOSSA
This year CWOSSA has the bye which means the WOSSA winner will have to play the city finals on thursday night, the challenge game (that is always won easily by the London team) on tuesday the OFSAA semi final on the Friday, and the Western bowl on the next Tuesday if successful… A tough road!

thanks for the great info! and for stopping by the site!!

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The Hot List

  • Nana & Poppa: Nicole's accomplishments leave us astounded. Extremely industrious, loyal to her principles, and humble in her approach to life,,,, she is already a
  • jumpingpolarbear: One of those old school guy that has paved the way for the newcomers!
  • Mike Lee: The inclusion of highlights from CFL, Bob Gooder Award and high school footage makes this an impressive piece of work. Well done Brent Lalle and CTV L

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