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The best football players in the London were honoured this afternoon during the annual awards ceremony.

The best player in the city this year was Jesse McNair or McNasty as he’s come to be known, and it’s a moniker that he’s accepted.

Jesse’s Ball
1-2 McPunch
Hotlist Showdown
Battle of Undefeateds
Feet to the Flames
City Championship
Wossa Championship
Winner Goes Bowlin
Western Bowl Semi-final


Mother Teresa is among the favourites at this years OFSAA girls basketball Championship. John Paul II has been a top team in recent years, but have a new path ahead of them.

In this story: Lauren Zimmer, Pete Lambert, Regan Duff, Elyse Fowler

Full Tournament Draw

Mother Teresa Football is a perennial contender on the London High School grid iron. This season, the team hopes to move back towards the glory days of 2009 when the team won it all.

In this story: Kevin Barnes, Dillon Richards, Adam Wilken

JPII Preview
High School Football archive

Playoffs are underway in TVRA High School Soccer. Brent has the action from a pair of opening round games.

In this story: Steph Morrow, Brian Djierwa, Andrew Gravett, John Morgan Pizzuti

High School Soccer Video Archive

Tier 1 Soccer battle between the Broncos and Spartans, both teams are fighting for first place.

In this story: Nick Hallett, Camil Niewdana, Nathan Moniz

High School Soccer

The Crusaders and Spartans were neck and neck for top spot all season. So it is fitting the High School City Championship would come down to a winner take all game three.

In this story: Bryan Paolatto, Connor Carson, Jason Montesi

CTV News Home Page

CTV London

The Hot List

  • Nana & Poppa: Nicole's accomplishments leave us astounded. Extremely industrious, loyal to her principles, and humble in her approach to life,,,, she is already a
  • jumpingpolarbear: One of those old school guy that has paved the way for the newcomers!
  • Mike Lee: The inclusion of highlights from CFL, Bob Gooder Award and high school footage makes this an impressive piece of work. Well done Brent Lalle and CTV L

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