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Posted on: November 16, 2012

A Canadian scouting service has him ranked as the 11th best prospect in high school football. Unfortunately for Western, he made Carleton his number one choice.

In this story: Nate Behar, Steve Sumarah, Brent Lale

Nate Behar: Beyond his years
Carleton Ravens join OUA for 2013


4 Responses to "NEWEST RAVEN"

As a Carleton Student I can say that not everyone is happy to see our team come together the way it has. Two years ago we had a referendum on campus to raise tuition fees of all the students to cover new equipment for our gym because we were told the university had no money. Within weeks of the vote passing and the tuition hike the Athletic association announced they have millions of dollars to put towards a Ravens football team for which they built an entirely new locker room.

As someone who likes football and is supportive of most ravens teams, it disgusts me to see our football team coming together over lies like this, and I for one will not be supporting them until they come forward and remembrance student the tuition money they effectively stole.

You do know the football team is being funded by the Old Crows Inc. and that all the money brought together for football was through donations from alumni ONLY. ALL the money that is being collected as a result from the referendum is going towards the new facility ONLY, none of it is going to football.

The new football team was announced in the summer of 2011 and already had ALL the funding then. The referendum occurred spring of 2012. What you’re saying doesn’t even make sense – and the money that would have been raised from the referendum wouldn’t have even been enough to fund football. You should get your facts straight before you go off accusing people of “stealing” your money.

Alex, Bob has it right-as an alumnus, I’ve been aware of the private funding for several years-I trust that the “ongoing” funding will be covered too-it’s a lot more expen$ive to run a football program than basketball. Anyway, you can cheer for the Birds with a clear conscience.

While it will certainly take more time to build a football program than a basketball program, Dave Smart’s hoops team has really helped Carleton’s reputation and the “Dirty Birds” have certainly made a statement for next fall. I’m sure that the Mustangs will have the Raven game circled on their calendar! 🙂

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