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Posted on: July 19, 2012

A local driver wins. A guest star driver podiums. Norman James wraps the finale of the 2012 APC Summer Showdown at Delaware Speedway.

In this story: Jonathan Urlin

Final Standings – 60 Lap Main Event

Pos # Name
1 44 Jon Urlin
2 28 Steve Robblee
3 99 Travis Pastrana
4 21 Matt Pritiko
5 3 Mark Watson
6 1 Jaxson Jacobs
7 22 Jamie Cox
8 8 Marc Jacobs
9 24 Stephen Richmond
10 38 Tyler Hendricks
11 37 David Elliott
12 10 Jesse Kennedy
13 43 Jay Doerr
14 100 Doug Stewart
15 77 Jeremy Reid
16 96 Dan Prudhomme
17 69 Lloyd Rawlings
18 81 Andrew Gresel
19 15x Steven Matthews
20 6 Adam Quarrie
21 55 Michael Waltrip
22 38H Kirk Hooker
23 81x Britney Gresel
24 72 Shawn Thompson
25 15 Clint Bowyer
26 9 Brandon Watson
27 27 Mat Box
28 51 Philip Nyssen
29 09 Kent Nuhn

Extra from the Summer Showdown

Michael Waltrip


This is the full interview with two time Daytona Cup champion Michael Waltrip, he speaks about the passion of Canadian fans, and believes a Nascar race in Toronto is just a matter of time.

Clint Bowyer


Clint Bowyer’s night ended earlier than expected, but before the race the Nascar regular spoke to us about getting back to his roots, and enjoying the unknown of Delaware Speedway.


Travis Pastrana


Travis Pastrana finished 3rd in the Summer Showdown, earlier in the day he opened up about his emerging status as a stock car driver, his famous X-games crash, and his guilty pleasure from his thrill seeking life.


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