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Posted on: December 22, 2011

Tanner Ferguson’s life took a drastic change Saturday night. Brent Lale explains.

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25 Responses to "THE AFTERMATH"

watch the replay folks, it is a clean hit, i paused and replayed several times… There is no contact to the head, you can clearly see that if you examine the replay closely. The game is a contact sport, as a former player of the game, I knew the risks as does everyone who takes to the ice, it is unfortunate the fergeson was hurt, but it does happen, dont condem Thomas for playing the game. It was the landing that did the damage, not the hit.

I hope Tanner has a speedy recovery and gets back playing very soon. However, I believe that his visor cut his cheek and broke his cheek bone and jaw. If the OHL players wore face shields, then this injury would maybe never have occurred or at very least would be very minimal. I believe this was a legal hit and had no intent to injure. Most head injuries could be prevented with full face masks or shields and smaller shoulder pads that aren’t like football pads. Players would have more common sense.

I saw the hit. First of all the hit was deemed clean by the four referees in attendance as no penalty was assesed. The Lambton Shores players did not retaliate after the hit. Most teams would defend their player if they thought the hit was dirty. Thomas never raised his hands or stick as the media suggests. Unfortunately Thomas shoulder may have made contact with Ferguson head but it was accidental as Ferguson had his head lowered and not aware of the risk he put himself in. Hockey is a fast sport and injuries occur. Get well Ferguson and hopefully Thmas is back on the ice after four or five games.

Looks like a clean hit, but with head contact there could be a small repercussion to that. The player was in the shooting motion with his body lower to the ice, so it’s no surprise he got drilled in the head.

Someone said “This isn’t the NHL”, but these players are working for that, or living out the end of the dream. You can’t expect the player delivering the hit to let up in this situation as he’s defending his zone and trying to prevent the shot. If the shooter wants to take then risk, it’s up to him, but he needs to be better prepared for the hit.

Something injured Tanner and if there’s proof that Ferguson got his hands and stick up into his face, then a suspension is in order, but otherwise shoulder to head contact when a player isn’t jumping seems like it wasn’t intent to injure.

I always try to attend some Rockets games every year with my kids, after seeing this, if Justin Thomas plays another game for them it will be the last one we’ll attend.

illeagal hit thomas should be suspended indefinetly with a hit to the head like that head up or head down makes no difference when the player does not have the biscuit in his position. Strathroy has a lot of dirty players and the team should be find. OHA needes to come down hard on them before they hurt anyother players

tanner we are very proud of you . and you love the game would never do this to another player .what they did to you .mister timmermans hope you think and see what your player did was not nice . a coach is also responsble. i know tanners coach would not let his player get away with this. he is a very good one .how about you?

tanner oma is very proud of you .you are a clean player and did not deserve this you will be back. and this is wat happens to try to take out the good players. timmermans hope you are not one of them coaches.

Everyone wants to point blame on this, but everyone is taking sides. The fact here is that both players were responsible for Ferguson’s injury. Thomas is responsible for making contact to the head, a check that is being removed from the game at all levels of hockey. Ferguson is also at fault for not being aware on the ice and protecting himself.

Hockey is a contact sport and as much as the rules are there to protect players from injury, they are also responsible for protecting themselves. A player with the puck in the slot is going to be checked, that is part of the game. Ferguson was directly facing Thomas and should have been able to see him coming, he could have tried to avoid the check or got his hands up to protect himself… even a legal check at that speed can cause injury.

Too many players play with a ‘no fear’ mentality. Players must protect themselves and respect others, until then we will continue seeing injuries like this.

I have watched the video over and over, I don’t see the direct contact to the head. It is unfortunate that Tanner Ferguson was furt so badly. However, this is the nature of hockey. Admit to yourself how many times you have seen a similar hit not called a penalty and with no injury and said nice hit. The issue here is that a player was hurt, That is often the what happens in such a fast moving game.

I believe that all fighting should be banned,I would prefer 100 times over watching the likes of Crosby skate and his puck handling skills than watch some one fight. Some day a life is going to be lost. We try to teach our kids about bullying but promote it in sports Baseball is a great game to watch and there is very little fighting.

First of all lets hope Tanner has a full and speedy recovery. Its an unfortunate incident thats for sure. Second….please don’t think all fans of the Stars are neandrethals…..last time I checked a hit to the head was a penalty. Did he mean to injure him…im sure the answer is no, but unfortunately he did.

I guess all the players and coaches that heard Smith say “Im gonna take your head of Ferguson just minutes before the hit” are all just making up stories.

I have played rec hockey against Dale Timmermans and he is a mindless moron so it really doesn’t surprise me that he said that. Maybe too many concussions himself! Or just a really low IQ!

The first thing I learned in hockey was to keep your head up learn to glance at the puck and focus on the other players or you will get hurt.
Clearly his head was down he had no idea that there was a body check coming. If anything it made things worse not knowing where the other players were. I believe that hiting is part of the game and injuries are to. Was it a dirty hit no was it an illegal hit no did a player get caught with his head down yes. I if you know anything about hockey you can tell that this wasn’t about hurting the other player it was intended to be a body check. if there wasn’t so much hype about the injuries in the NHL this would haven’t made TV.

Are you sure you are a STStarsfan? I am not sure where you learned the rules of hockey, and your definition of dirty and illegal clearly underestimates reality. A hit is a strategic way to get the puck, not to remove someone from a year of hockey. Players who have abusive tactics such as Thomas should realize this is nothing less than assault. What is even more impressive is that obviously Tanner’s skill and ability to play hockey met standards Thomas could never be blessed with. We want to see the best of the best out there, and it is really unfortunate that some feel its appropriate to take the best out of the game. As for yourself, you better hope you never become as impressive and skillful as Tanner because the same thing will happen to you as long these injuries are let happen.

wow. littlemisssunshine. very, very, very uneducated reply. Tanner has skill and ability that Thomas could never be blessed with? Thomas is a former OHL’er and will be there again next year. He has pro scouts who touted him to be one of the best power forwards available in the NHL draft. You don’t believe me ? the articles are on the web. and what is ferguson ? an jr. B hockey player for life who can’t skate and keep his head up at the same time. sure you never want anything bad to happen to a player, but that is absolute ludacris to say that it was a dirty hit. He did not target the head and if he intended to injure him, there’s no question that it would have been a lot worse of a result than it was. thomas is a 215 pound man afterall and had he felt like it he could have skated right through him. just a sidenote, he says he was out right after the hit, no he was not, watch the video, he goes down to the ice and brings himself to his own knees, so that story is not true. last time i checked it would not be physically possible to hold yourself up on your hands and knees if you are “blacked out.” ask any pro hockey analyst, this is not a dirty hit by any means.

Look in the video STStarsfan101 his head is clearly up the reall questions is thomas got beat to the puck and slid into the boards on (the right side) he then comes skating into his defencive zone on the (right side) were ferguson passes the puck thomas comes skating to the (left side)? lines up ferguson and “fist up stick up and follow through with the elbow? yeah definatly not intent…Maybe Thomas got sent home from the OHL because he just could not understand how to play his position or maybe has not yet understood the rockets defensive play? oh well he will not be playing for a long time. For the people who say this is not a head shot look at the kids face ? and yet Thomas is prod of this. go home there bud nobody wants you in the leauge you best be takeing up a new sport perhaps UFC ( you dont need and positions for that game and you dont have to pick an opponent) Learn the game before you play it !!! get well soon Ferguson speedy recovery bud !

How can you say he did’nt try to hurt him you idiot??? I guess the go to sleep sign this punk made is also part of the game?? It was a major cheap shot and the puke sould not be aloud on the ice again!!!!!

Its clear to me that was a head check and a brutal one at that. Coaching is the key!! The player could have delivered a hip check by lowering his body weight in front of him but dosn’t because his body weight is light and feels stronger and sturdier by throwing his hands and arms up to knock Furguson off his center of gravity by way of momentum. It needs to be dealt with because it is the most dangerous way to check the opposition player in full skate and we have seen the results. Players are always learning know matter what age. One player needs to learn how to check correctly and the other player needs to learn to keep his head on a swivel. Coaching , Coaching, Coaching

I feel that Rockets Player Justin Thomas should be suspended for the rest of the season and the play-offs. The only way he should be allowed to play again is when Tanner is able to play again. So if Tanner is unable to play this season then Justin Thomas shouldn’t be able to play again.

First, speedy recovery… Tanner. The head coach’s comment was totally uncalled for. “Part of the game”? This is Junior B hockey and not the NHL. This was no body check here, sadly, Tanner must endure major healing, his Christmas has been somewhat taken away from him, his jaw is locked/wired shut and… so now you’ll sit and decide what to do with Justin Thomas? Simple, if he wants to play like he’s in the NHL, then I suggest he needs to be treated as such. Do they not levy fines? Penalize them with no ice time? No games? It is going to take Tanner months to heal, not to mention any type of physio therapy he’ll have to endure. So coach, this was by far not “Part of the game” and for those who seen this broadcast, are probably saying the same thing.

I think It is disgusting what happened to Tanner Ferguson in the hockey game last Sat. night. I think that Justin Thomas should sit out as many games that Tanner has to sit out before he is able to play again.

When is something going to be done about this happening in hockey.

Hockey is a fabulous game if played like it was played in the Olympics.

I use to follow Hockey a lot as a teenager & a young man!

Now I only watch The stanly cup playoffs!

guys that do these dirty hits should be out of hockey for as long as the injured player. 10 games injury player out 10 games minimum if you put a guy out for the rest of the season the same goes to player who caused the injury

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