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Posted on: September 2, 2011

Mark Hominick is fighting back.

The loss of his friend, coach and mentor, Shawn Tompkins cut deep. But Mark is quickly cutting a path towards of own form of healing. He’s staying busy. When he’s not training at Adrenaline, he’s fronting UFC promotions. Most importantly, it’s family he’s reinforced his bond with, both at home and the gym. Get to know Mark and you’ll soon learn that he’s about as family oriented as you can get, loving and believing in both blood and brothers. Love, belief, and honour have always been parts of what make Mark who he is. Now though, they are the pillars of strength for a life interrupted by tragedy. A life, and career, on the mend.

The Machine recently spoke with Norman James. Here’s part of their conversation:

NJ: How have things been going?  

MH: Everyone has been leaning on the support of everyone else. It’s actually brought us closer. 

NJ: Did you consult with Chris and Sam about dropping out of their upcoming fights?  

MH: Those were personal decisions. It really doesn’t matter what sport it is, but especially in combat sports, if your head is not in it, you’re doing yourself some damage. It’s something you have to want to do. If you’re mind is not there it’s definitely the right decision to wait on it.

NJ: Will we see them back in the octagon again?

MH: One million percent. The big thing that we’ve been stressing is that it’s our duty and responsibility to continue on Shawn’s legacy. The way we do that is to continue to compete. Now we’ve got to pick up the pieces and figure out how to do training camps, and where we’re going to do them? First things first, we’re staying together as a team. 

NJ: As the elder of the three do you feel more responsibility to lead the way now?

MH: It’s a team effort, and we have to do what’s best for the team. What I think isn’t always what’s best for the team. So we make decisions as a group. We recently had Shawn’s dad and brother come into (Adrenaline) to run a team meeting, and that was very inspirational. It helped give us some direction, like okay, we have to do this together. I have no problem stepping up to plan everything or help bring in coaches, or even plan the practices, but it’s a team and group effort that will carry us forward. 

NJ: Who is going to coach you guys now?

MH: We have a lot of resources that we’ve worked with and that we’ll continue to work with. We have a great tie to Las Vegas where Shawn was working with TapouT Training Centre. We have Keebo Robinson, Clint Kingsbury the wrestling coach. We definitely have the resources to move forward.

NJ: What about UFC 140? Still headed that way?  

MH: For sure. That’s a realistic fight for me. I’ll be mentally focused. I’m going to walk in there with Sam and Chris in my corner. That shows a united front, where we’ve been and where we’re going. I’m going to make a statement in that fight.

NJ: Considering everything that’s happened, best get busy living… or fighting, eh?  

MH: That’s part of carrying on Shawn’s legacy and what he thought and believed. Shawn led by example and now collectively we have to lead together. 


The Machine talks 140, Korean Zombie


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