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Posted on: August 9, 2011

The Slo-Pitch Nationals have turned nasty. Watch this exclusive video.

In this story: Kevin Bergin, Jim Carty, Ryan DeBelser


Slo-Pitch Bat: A work of art or a weapon?

In this story: Kevin Bergin


16 Responses to "BASE BRAWL"

Why haven’t they separated yet? Ever seen a brwal that didn’t include Quebec? Nope. Been to many Nationals since 1996 and it’s ALWAYS the same fools!

I agree that a pitcher is just as much a player and should be a defensive player to, people shouldn’t be aiming to hurt anyone and there is nothing wrong with saying nice hit, as for Rico y any team would let him wear the teams clothes is beyond me let alone have him on ur bench he is like a bitch u pick up at the bar for a one night stand and then stalks u from then on

Of all the people we had to listen to Rico make a ass of himself not all of us feel the same everyone chirps not just Quebecers!! And as a umpire he should never step on another field for saying such dumb things!!

Can someone put me in touch with Kevin Bergin? Thanks – Norman

Too Bad the news got hold of it. Just leaves a black eye on our sport at its main stage level.

beer league violence… hmmm

Dont bitch if you pitch, either field your position or get the fuk off the mound!

Shootin the middle is as much a part of the game of slo pitch as flying out, My response would be don’t play at that level if you can’t handle the heat. I hope nobody got hurt….. play ball!

it’s alway the same against ontario!!!!!

Stupid There is no need for this type of behavior in slow pitch.

not the first time with a Quebec Team
Happened in 1979 and 1980 with Ontario Wacky Websters

vive le quebec….look who won !!!

Not at all suprised by this Quebec team doing this… This is not the first time this week. As classless as it can get. Just one of the reasons their so hated…. Sure hope to see a rematch!

Can’t blame it on just the Quebec team, especially when one of your team members is being aimed at with no remorse. I give it up to them for defending the pitcher.


i’ve done a lot of Canadian Champs!!! and don’t know why the players from Ontario don’t like those from quebec…..just remember one time against ontario that i’ve looked in the stand and what i see is 25 persons with frog mask!!!!!

so i’m not surprised at all that things like this arrived….

ontario has to respect others provinces


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